[Solved] Flaming

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  1. deadie

    deadie ΣXØŁYS Community ϟMemberϟ

    *DEAD* Boss Ast3iox :D : you fucking cheater
    *DEAD* *BOT* ✪ slacs : you fucking suck
    gameME: TERRORIST got 2 points for Plant the Bomb
    [ResetScore] : Termor has just reseted his score.
    *DEAD* Boss Ast3iox :D : fuckk off
    *DEAD* *Cheater* Deadie : okay xD

    *DEAD* *BOT* ✪ slacs : but u are using a pirate css so you dont care
    *DEAD* Boss Ast3iox :D : you stupid shit
    Syed apprécie ceci.
  2. Alpha

    Alpha ✦ÁŁƤHÀ✦ Membre du personnel ϟSTAFFϟ

    We can't do somethings about that .. Exept silence the player for some minutes
    A OMAR[Xeno] et Syed aiment ça.

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