[Solved] Black Barty cheating

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  1. deadie

    deadie ΣXØŁYS Community ϟMemberϟ

    He wallhacks.
    And it seems that he has played alot too, i just came back after maybe 2 months and there are still hackers who spend a long time on the servers.

    As i said in my previous threads, you can find how to toggle the walls command on console to see what he sees.

    There was a clip at long doors where he kills a CT, then before he repeaks mid again by long doors, he preaims perfectly at the two ct's.
    there were no teammates to see the ct's too, so he couldn't have seen them on radar
    Syed apprécie ceci.
  2. asamaaassaass

    asamaaassaass ΣXØŁYS Community ϟMemberϟ

    Okay ty will take care of it.

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