[Solved] Shoot Props & Friendly Players

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  1. Pavlynn

    Pavlynn ΣXØŁYS Community ϟMemberϟ

    Player stabby & MOKOFHA play togther as Zombie and Human
    +Drop granates in my Props
  2. Mukul

    Mukul ΣXØŁYS Community ϟMemberϟ

    Hi welcome pavlyn ;)
    Firstly its grenades :3
    and second next time try to get a proof like a demo or screenshot ir video , demo would be good as they can be seen ingame you can record demos by ->>
    Type "record name_of_demo" in console which you can enable in options and name should not have spaces in it. Type stop in console to stop recording
    A OMAR[Xeno] et Alpha aiment ça.
  3. asamaaassaass

    asamaaassaass ΣXØŁYS Community ϟMemberϟ

    Hey , Pavlynn ^^
    You should tell me on steam but don't worry about them I will take care of them ;)
    Alpha apprécie ceci.
  4. Pavlynn

    Pavlynn ΣXØŁYS Community ϟMemberϟ

    HI lol, thank you, i do make proof when i play :D
  5. Alpha

    Alpha ✦ÁŁƤHÀ✦ Membre du personnel ϟSTAFFϟ

    They take their bans. Btw I won't see you retry before die. This is the first and last warn.
    A OMAR[Xeno] et Syed aiment ça.

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