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  1. Bli_zz

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    Name: xhaos [U:1:280003678]
    Time and date of when it happened: 21 Jul 2019 19:36:23 GMT 0
    Server: Official Maps
    Reporting: 3=(◣_◢)=Ƹ [U:1:2690368052]
    What happened: All I was doing was playing the game and out of nowhere that player said "loser" and after a while, s/he got more toxic.

    Entire logs here, tried my best to remove all unwanted stuff (!hop, server promotion etc.) Logs are here as well http://exolys-team.gameme.com/chat/css8
    I pasted more than 20000 characters (the max amount of characters in one thread is 10000 characters), so here's the link to a note (has annoying ads tho, so I'd advise you would have some sort of AdBlocker)

    I'm not expecting for him/her to be banned or kicked off, just a simple 1 week or more mute
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  2. BOOM

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    Hi xhaos.
    He get banned by console, he tried to join us with aimbot, soo RIP @ him :)
  3. Bli_zz

    Bli_zz ΣXØŁYS Community ϟMemberϟ

    Oh haha! I kinda feel like he deserves that. But anywho, thanks for your help!
    BOOM apprécie ceci.

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