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  1. Bli_zz

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    Name: xhaos. (U:1:1348397408)
    The Time: 31st May 2019, 8:01pm (GMT 0)
    Server: DeathMatch
    Player: Scrinso (U:1:413251440)
    What happened: So I was playing a normal game when I see that I have been shot thru the wooden doors in tunnels when I didn't even peek. I thought to myself that it was normal and the guy probably got lucky.

    Boy was I wrong.

    15 minutes before the report I get headshotted with a deagle thru the smoke. From there on I decided to spectate him and see if anything suspicious. And from there I found that he had unhuman reactions (from really really quick flicks to knowing the spray patterns perfectly for every gun). From there I made my conclusion; He's either a Global Elite-like player or he's using hacks.

    And when I spectated him even more, I then decided it was hacks (flicks were more frequent and he was targetting players heads thru the walls

    I didn't record him, but the gameme stats should count as evidence.
  2. MelkorUchiwa

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    Thank you for taking the time to report this player with several research I have a proof that cheat "wallhack"
    it was ban vac so I ban our server for the next time you signal a player thinks to take a record as proof good games, good day

    sorry if my english and bad ^^"
  3. Bli_zz

    Bli_zz ΣXØŁYS Community ϟMemberϟ

    And I made a mistake in the text. *The hacker is Scrinso, not me (xhaos.)
  4. Bli_zz

    Bli_zz ΣXØŁYS Community ϟMemberϟ

    It's been almost a week and I still haven't got unbanned.

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